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Augment, engage and measure your performance

ARGO offers a range of professional solutions to transform your digital or printed documents into measurable, interactive and useful business places.


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Augmented document



Augmented reality

The augmented document:

a new paradigm

Augmenting your PDF documents to earn more or consume smarter is the promise we make to retail, publishing and public sector players. Augmenting your documents to learn better is also what we offer to education in the broadest sense, as well as to the art world who can engage with art lovers and collectors.

Give a new AR dimension to your printed materials and PoS

Enrich all your printed communication media with interactive experiences: videos, audio files, 3D animations, URL links… Unleash your creativity and sublimate your printed materials beyond their physical constraints. Make your printed materials the gateway to your brand content with augmented reality.

Our expertise by sector

With more than 350 active customers, ARGO has gained strong experience in a number of sectors.


The augmented consumer

We are surrounded by elements made to awaken our senses and are assailed by a feeling of information saturation. However, augmented reality can help us perceive all these signals easily.

Find out how ARGO is responding to consumer challenges by downloading our new white paper for marketing and communications professionals.

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Augmented reality: a new way to leverage performance?

They have just launched their own augmented reality application. Amazon, the GAFA giant, is now in the niche. Since Pokémon GO, the industry has come a long way. In France, ARgo is making a growing place for itself in the augmented document segment. […]

They trust us

Our partners and clients are professionals from the press, publishing, marketing, education, retail and creative industries.
They share their experiences with ARGO solutions.

Our customers

Why ARGO ?

We offer our customers integrated, easy-to-use solutions that require no computer coding skills and deliver rich communication experiences and advanced statistics.


Augmented documents offer a new type of advertising experience. Surprise your audience with innovative print! Add a virtual layer to your physical support: video hologram, contest… open up the field of possibilities.


Open a new customer acquisition channel. Boost your sales! Grab the attention of prospects using your traditional print media and convert them via their smartphone or by offering them promotions and shortcuts to order directly online.


Your financial documents are ready but you don’t want to send them by e-mail. Thanks to ARGO, you can not only secure access with a unique password, but also create a unique and traceable sharing link: you will know who has received and consulted your documents, page by page, for how long and in which region of the world, at each step.


Manage the reception of new employees, share updated information on your procedures with all your employees, facilitate training and learning procedures, motivate your teams… rethink the management of your human resources.

Our solutions for all your needs

Our proprietary technologies around augmented reality, webAR or augmented PDF are easy to access, without code for very concrete uses.

Your turnkey solution to augment and sublimate your print communication.

Augmented reality, directly in your web browser. Without application!

Measure the impact of your PDF documents, from augmentation to advanced statistics.

Create your own augmented document

Bring your materials to life with interactive, intelligent and useful enhancements.