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The appless augmented reality solution

ARGO WebAR makes augmented reality accessible to everyone, directly from the browser of a smartphone or tablet, with no application to download. ARGO offers WebAR as a complement to ARGOplay, with its white label and SDK options, all linked to our platform allowing you to edit, track and evaluate your AR campaigns.

What is web based AR ?

The term web-based augmented reality (or webAR) refers to an augmented reality experience that is accessed through the web browser rather than through a “native” mobile application. This means that all you need is your smartphone or tablet and an internet connection. No need to download an application directly to your phone. The application is directly integrated into the web browser and benefits from all updates without user intervention.

Web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) are becoming more and more powerful and offer new functionalities that are useful for the development of augmented reality experiences. WebAR allows the display of simple animations, in 3D or not, video playback, and redirection to external links, as well as some interactivity.

Widely compatible technology

ARGO webAR is compatible with most cell phones on the market. A user can access it at any time without having to download an application. As its name suggests, the application is available “online”, via a web browser. Once opened, it uses the phone’s camera to display augmented reality on top of your augmented media, or in your surrounding environment.

A varied user experience

Accessing augmented reality content is simplified with webAR, which gives you a few options to choose from. For example, you could provide a special URL linking to the content on an e-commerce site. You could also guide your customer by offering a QR code that opens the webAR application. The user would only have to use a mobile device camera to scan the QR code.

For an optimal experience, you can opt to have your creation integrated with an “Instant AR QR Code”. Scanning the QR code will launch the AR experience directly, without the need for a visual scanner, and with no application to download!

Try it yourself!

*Don’t forget to activate the audio on your phone to enjoy full experience

1- Scan this QRcode

Or open on a smartphone or tablet. We support Chrome and Firefox on Android and Safari on iOS.

2- Scan visuals

Aim the image with your device and trigger scan. Enjoy an AR experience running in your browser.

Customize your splashscreen

A branded experience

ARGO gives you complete control over the user journey of each of your WebAR campaigns. Customize your own splashscreen on mobile and desktop as well as your campaign URL to position your brand as a reference to your immersive experience.


  • An appless solution
  • Accessible through a simple QRCode
  • Compatible with Safari (IOS), Google Chrome (Android) and Firefox
  • A complementary offer to the native ARGOplay application
  • Billing based on the number of scans indexed to the success of your campaign
  • A customizable and optimized customer experience

They augment their campaigns with ARGO WebAR

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