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ARGO WebAR, the app less augmented reality solution

Experience Augmented Reality without any mobile application to download, directly accessible from the browser of your mobile or tablet. The ARGO WebAR offer is proposed as a complement to the ARGOplay offer, with its different white label and SDK declinations, all linked to our platform allowing you to edit, track and evaluate your AR campaigns.

What is web based AR ?

The term web based Augmented Reality (or webAR) refers to an augmented reality experience that is accessed through the web browser rather than through a “native” mobile application. This means that all you need is your smartphone or tablet and an Internet connection, without having to download an application directly to your phone. The application is directly integrated into the web browser and benefits from all updates without user intervention.

Web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari…) are becoming more and more powerful and now offer new functionalities useful for the development of Augmented Reality experiences. WebAR allows the display of simple animations, in 3D or not, video playback and redirection to external links, as well as a certain degree of interactivity.

How it works

ARGO webAR is compatible with most cell phones on the market. A user can access it at any time without having to download an application. As its name suggests, the application is available “online”, via a web browser. Once opened, it uses the phone’s camera to present augmented reality on your augmented media or in your environment.

A few words about the process

Access to augmented reality content is simplified in webAR and several options are possible. The experience can be accessed via a specific URL on an e-commerce site for example. You can also facilitate the customer journey by proposing the opening of the webAR application by scanning a QR code. The mobile’s camera then decodes the QR code and directly opens the webAR application and all you have to do is scan the visual.

For an optimal experience, you can opt for an “Instant AR QRcode”, in which your realization is integrated. The decoding of the QR code then makes the AR experience appear directly, without even needing a visual scanner. Even faster, and still no application download!

How does it work?

 It’s very easy! Just flash the QR code below from your smartphone’s camera. It will propose you an Internet link that you will have to click on to access the augmented reality player. Then view with your phone one of the visuals below to access the augmented reality experience! Don’t forget to turn on the sound on your phone so that you don’t miss anything during the experience.


ARGO WebAR, it’s:

  • An appless solution
  • Accessible from a simple QRCode
  • Compatible experience on Safari (IOS), Google Chrome (Android) and Firefox
  • A complementary offer to the native ARGOplay application
  • Billing based on the number of scans indexed to the success of your campaign
  • A customizable and optimized customer journey

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