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The app less Augmented Reality

ARGO WebAR makes augmented reality accessible to everyone directly within the mobile web browser, with no app required.

Reach millions of users

Reach millions of mobile users by enabling access to rich augmented reality experiences directly from a mobile web browser. No more apps, no more constraints!

Tailor unique experiences

Image tracking

Augment a printed matter

Surface tracking

Display AR content in your environment

3D content

Trigger real size 3D animations

Video holograms

Show stunning video hologrammes

Dynamic lightning

Bring realism to your AR creations

Instant publish

Publish and update your experience in seconds

You’ll love the WebAR

Simplified access

Being able to quickly access the AR experience is key to the success of your campaign: QR code or personalized URL? The webAR allows a simple and efficient distribution of your experience, according to your needs and your target.

A tailor-made experience

From the custom mini website to the mobile landing page, or the custom URL in your browser, leave no room for the unknown and fully customize the user journey of your webAR campaign with our powerful tools: no coding skills required.

High class analytics

As well as standard analytics provided by ARGO Manager, take advantage of the web by associating your own Google analytics account to your campaign URLs in order to access detailed statistics or aggregate data from your ongoing web campaigns.

Customize your splashscreen

A branded experience

ARGO gives you complete control over the user journey of your WebAR campaigns. Customize your own splashscreen on mobile and desktop as well as your campaign URL to position your brand as a reference to your immersive experience.

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