SnapPress becomes ARGOplay, Bear becomes ARGOservices and Wizeflow is called ARGOflow… Find all our expertise on a single website.

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Increase the power of your communication with augmented documents

ARGO offers professional solutions to publish and manage augmented document campaigns. Our WYSIWYG platform allows you to enrich your print and PDF documents with a wide variety of interactions and services.



Turn your documents into new places of business

Our technologies

Our R&D team is composed of experts in prepress, editing and image recognition. They focus their efforts on developing unique and innovative technologies to augment your documents.

Augmented Reality

From publishing to packaging, education to marketing, Augmented Reality (AR) is pushing forward the limits of creativity and storytelling. ARGO offers a native Augmented Reality solution (Android/IOS) with ARGOplay app as well as a webAR solution, accessible from a web browser.


The augmented PDF

Transform your static PDF documents into functional web displays. Thanks to our proprietary technology, add an interactive HTML layer over your digital documents and leverage the power of the web

Our players

Our product offer is structured according to your needs, whether for printing, publishing or distribution.
Enrich your documents through physical and digital channels.

Native App

ARGOplay is a complete augmented reality solution that includes our campaign manager ARGOmanager, our augmented reality editor ARGOeditor, as well as the mobile application ARGOplay, to broadcast your creations.

  • Accessible
  • Create without coding
  • Benefit from ARGOplay’s existing audience

web AR

Our “App free” augmented reality solution to enjoy the ARGO experience on your smartphone or tablet.

  • No app to download
  • Rapid deployment
  • Natural fit with web tracking tools

The augmented PDF

Unleash the power and efficiency of the web to expand your PDF files. Directly from your computer, ARGOflow transforms traditional PDF documents attached to your emails into interactive HTML applications that enhance your customer interactions and stimulate your business opportunities.

  • Interactive
  • Traceable
  • Secured

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Our technologies can be easily integrated into your processes.
Our solutions are offered in OEM, hosted, white label or SDK versions.
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