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Augmented reality for textbooks

Augmented reality in textbooks, or how to add information in a creative and memorable way! Captivate your students and reduce the number of dropouts by enhancing your training materials with 3D animations, video and audio content in augmented reality, thanks to our AR platform. With our native or webAR application, give a new dimension to education!

With the democratization of the Internet, the textbook is no longer the only learning tool. Learning based on creativity and interaction makes it easier to ingest information, especially for younger readers who are stimulated by multimedia. ARGO has been supporting teachers and schools for years. Do not hesitate to contact us for the realization of your projects.

Augmented reality also applies to tools for promoting educational channels: business or engineering schools, universities, professional training organizations, for just a few examples.

Intuitive and powerful DTP software to create educational Augmented Reality

At ARGO we develop the tools to make augmented reality accessible to the general public. We provide teachers and trainers with intuitive software and comprehensive training that allows them to quickly become self-sufficient in creating AR content.

ARGO maintains partnerships with graphic design schools. We make our augmented reality platform available to students to enable them to add this innovation to their skills and their mastery of DTP tools.

Among our customers in the education sector, we have publishers such as Bordas/Nathan, major players in the publishing of educational books. The augmented reality applied to their books allows them to offer question/answer features, access corrections, display tutorial videos, and soon, to open discussion channels between student communities to create dialogue on educational topics.

The use of augmented reality on educational devices brings students to the heart of their learning.

Augmented Reality lets you promote your school

Many schools are already using ARGO solutions to promote their schools and the educational content of their programs. Find out how TELECOM SudParis augments its presentation brochures with ARGOplay.

6 good reasons to use augmented reality in the education sector

  • Learn and teach in a playful way
  • Improve learning autonomy
  • Create visual animations that will improve memorization
  • Provide additional information on a key subject
  • Update educational content more easily
  • Analyze Statistics by campaigns, visuals, scans, interactions, clicks…

Case studies for clients and students: C3N Agency & Cyfflé High School X ARGOplay

Whether for training, for students or for graphic design schools, augmented reality has many uses in the education sector.


To learn more about the creation of augmented flyers from the C3N agency or the achievements of high school students click here

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