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The augmented document
for education

ARGO has been supporting professors and educational institutions for several years
as part of their reflections on the optimization and provision of educational resources.


With the democratization of the Internet, the school textbook is no longer the only learning tool, digital content now has a place of choice in educational resources. Nevertheless, if there is one sector in which the printed or digitized PDF document still has its place, it is surely in education. The famous “poly” is still the most versatile, efficient and economical learning support, but it is often “raw” in its form and does not offer much collaboration between teachers and students. In the era of the “digital school”, reconcile the raw document and your digital resources on the same optimized and efficient learning medium. Augment your documents to promote learning based on creativity and interaction, which allows better ingestion of information, especially for the new generations stimulated by multimedia! Captivate your students, illustrate what you say in a playful way, and improve the learning and concentration of your students by optimizing your training materials.

ARGO s’engage pour l’éducation

ARGO develops tools to make augmented documents accessible to the greatest number of people. We provide teachers and trainers with intuitive software and comprehensive training that allows them to quickly become autonomous in the creation of Augmented Reality content.

ARGO has partnerships with many graphic design schools. We make our augmented reality and interactive PDF platform available to students so that they can add these innovations to their skills and their mastery of DTP tools.

ARGO’s clients include major educational book publishers (Bordas/Nathan, Delcourt…) who enhance their documents with useful links to corrections, tutorial videos, but also discussion channels between student communities to exchange and progress.

AR makes learning fun

Add your augmented reality content (video, audio, 3D animations…) with a simple drag and drop from the ARGO editor to enrich the learning experience. Extremely fun, augmented reality, accessible from a dedicated mobile application or a web browser, promotes memorization and understanding. The little extra: you can update your additional content throughout the life of your documents, without having to reprint: it’s up to you, your students will love it!

ARGOflow ex-Wizeflow la plateforme de gestion et de création de documents augmentés pour l'éducation, détail de la vue d'un exercice de géométrie et de 3 pictos enseignant, élève, parent

The 3.O teaching aid: augmented PDF

Create your educational document in PDF format and share it via a unique link that you set up yourself (with or without permission to download and print, password protection). Enhance your document with videos and links useful for understanding or completing exercises, add your contact information to remain available, and be informed when your students open and consult your document. Update it remotely, even after sending, and withdraw access when necessary: you have an optimized teaching tool, entirely under your control, even remotely.

Why augment your educational materials

  • Facilitating “digital” distance learning
  • Make learning fun
  • Create bounds with your students
  • Create visual animations that will improve memorization
  • Provide additional information on a key subject
  • Remote updating of educational content, even after printing
  • Control access to the document remotely as well as the activity of your students on the documents

Augmented Reality lets you promote your school

Many schools are already using ARGO solutions to promote their schools and the educational content of their programs. Find out how TELECOM SudParis augments its presentation brochures with ARGOplay.

augmented flyer TELECOM SudParis

They are augmenting their educational material