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Offers for all your Augmented Reality needs


On-shelf application

Starting at

  • 1 user access to the platform
  • Full augmented reality features
  • Initial training
  • Reporting and detailed statistics module
  • PLC connector
    Additional user access
  • Augmented reality accessible directly from your browser, payment by volume of scans.


Let us guide you through our augmented reality solution. A project manager will accompany you personally.

  • Guided handling
  • Discovery of the manager, the editor and the statistics section
  • Questions and Answers

Education and ONG

We offer preferential offers for educational institutes (middle schools, high schools, universities) and NGOs.


  • All ARGO at a reduced rate

* Subscription over 12 months. Prices are shown exclusive of taxes.

Your complete augmented reality campaign management platform

Your augmented reality editor

  • Edit your AR very simply
  • Increase your visuals in a few clicks
  • Freely drag and drop your visuals and creations (drag&drop)
  • Instantly preview and publish your scenarios (wysiwyg)
  • Easily copy/paste your interactions from one campaign to another
  • Edit your markers in 3D view
  • Easily navigate from one visual to another within your campaign
  • Manage your AR layers the Adobe Photoshop way
  • Edit your interactions in multiple languages

A large library of predefined AR interactions

  • Video (different playback modes)
  • Images (GIF / PNG / JPEG)
  • Carousel of images
  • URL links
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Webview
  • Vcards
  • Agenda
  • Hologram
  • 3D objects and animations

Unique statistics on your audience

  • Real-time traffic consultation
  • Volume of active users per campaign / visuals
  • Scans by campaign / visuals
  • Clicks through visuals / interactions
  • Cumulative statistics by campaign
  • Statistical comparison vs. N-1
  • Advanced filtering options (Periodicity / Campaign / Visual / Interaction / Mobile OS)
  • Gross export of all statistical data (.xls)
  • Graphical reporting interface

In your platform

  • Manage your users
  • Administer your campaign settings
  • Create your Augmented Reality campaigns
  • Modify in unlimited and instantaneous
  • Analyze Statistics by campaigns, visuals, scans, interactions, clicks…
  • Easily measure your R.O.I

Mobile app ARGOplay

  • Native IOS / Android application
  • ARKit/ARCore compatible
  • Immediately test your creations in Augmented Reality
  • Benefit from the SnapPress community
  • Replay experiences from the history menu
  • Share experiences with your family and friends
  • Discover the poster campaigns


  • No application to download
  • Test your AR
  • Customizable client path (Triggering via custom URL)
  • Customizable customer path (Triggered via QR code)
  • Instant AR QRcode
  • Google analytics integration
  • Pack of additional scans

A support that listens to you

  • Mail
  • Tchat
  • Forum and FAQ
  • Phone
  • Priority tickets

Additional options

  • PLC connector
  • Initial training
  • Contests / Instant Win
  • Additional user access
  • Creation of personalized 2D/3D content by our partners

To go further

Need an app in your colors?

Ask for your Augmented Reality application in your colours thanks to our white label offer.

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The power of ARGOplay in your app

Integrate our Augmented Reality Player into your own mobile application with our SDK offer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does webAR work as well as a native application?

WebAR offers quality rendering although it is important to note that this technology is relatively new and continues to improve. Performance variations may occur between certain devices. We recommend that you always test your creations before broadcasting. For a complex AR experience, you can always opt for the stability of the native SnapPress application. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Does webAR download as an application?

ARGOwebAR is compatible with most cell phones on the market. A user can access it at any time without having to download an application. As its name implies, the application is available “online”, via any browser. Once opened, it uses the phone’s camera to represent augmented reality on your augmented media or in your environment.

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Our technologies can be easily integrated into your existing processes. We also offer our products under OEM license, contact us for any specific request.

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