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Upgrade customer relation
with interactive PDF

ARGOflow turns your standard PDFs into interactive, traceable and secure documents.

Make your PDFs smarter

Extend the power of your PDF documents by adding over a layer of intelligence while maintaining full integrity with PDF standard. ARGOflow boosts your customer communications by transforming your traditional attachments into real interactive web pages.

Goodbye attachments

Replace your traditional attachments with interactive “Smartlinks”

Unlimited share

Share your augmented documents in one click on social networks, by email or by downloading a QR Code for direct access.

Real time tracking

Control and track access to your documents in real time with view notifications: make decisions faster.

Keep control

Update remotely after distribution and without limit your PDF files and their interactive augmentations: be always up to date!

Drag & drop your content

A simple drag and drop in the ARGO editor allows you to easily add videos, audio content, images or clickable links to your PDF documents to boost their impact, create engagement and develop your sales.

ARGOflow integrates into YOUR workflow

Your industry requires dedicated operating rules? Don’t worry, we provide an ARGOflow OEM version that can be hosted on your servers.

Ask for a demo

Experience the augmented document

The document shown in the window below is an “invoice” augmented using the ARGOflow solution. Activate and deactivate the interactions that appear in the document using the “Augmentation” switch in the top right corner of the window. Click on the various items to access additional video content and redirection links.

*ARGOflow supports the latest stable versions of browsers Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox. The display on older versions can work but is not guaranteed.



Why augment your documents?


  • Make your PDFs more dynamic without changing the original
    Integrate videos, interactive links to your web pages or chatbots, your social networks and increase the attractiveness and meaning of your documents. Everything remains editable, even after sending!


  • Monetize your PDFs and their content
    Exploit the space available in the PDF reader to promote your products and services (Upsell, cross-sell…)


  • Get your documents traceable 
    Who opened my document, how many times, where did they click? Follow the consultation via our dedicated stats module or connect your own tools (Google analytics, Salesforce…)

What’s in it for the recipient?


  • Clarify information 
    Your documents gain in impact and interactivity at the service of information


  • Centralize data in a single document
    Your document gathers all useful information and links, in a limited number of pages


  • Simplify document access and sharing
    No more attachments, your document is accessible via a unique and always up-to-date link!

Use cases for all your needs

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