Wizeflow becomes ARGOflow: all our expertise in the augmented document is detailed on this site now.

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Increase the power of your communication with Augmented PDF!

With ARGOflow, make your PDF documents interactive, traceable and secure.
The intelligent document platform accessible to all

The platform that makes documents intelligent and accessible to everyone

Extend the functionality of your documents by adding a layer of interactivity while maintaining full consistency and integrity with the PDF standard. With ARGOflow, transform the attachments you send by e-mail or via your digital campaigns into real landing pages. The benefit? Boost the commitment of your communications.

Video is a catalyst for engagement for prospects and customers who visit your social sites and networks. Why not do the same with all your PDF documents?

With ARGOflow, integrate videos directly into the enhanced PDF to boost the attractiveness of your communications and your notoriety, create customer engagement and develop your sales.

Your documents become interactive

Add interactions, web applications or media content (Video, Audio Files, Images) to deliver services and increase customer engagement.

Make faster decisions

Get in-depth analysis and information on the use of your documents. Stay prepared and prepared for any eventuality with real-time statistics.

24/7 access to your documents for updating at your own pace

Control access to your documents in real time and manage updates online, instantly, wherever you are, without having to resend your content.

Powerful tools to enhance your documents

You can add interactions to your documents, organize your content and access detailed statistics from a single platform. No need to code, all actions can be performed directly from the online interface.


Augment your documents

Add interactions and interactive layers to your static documents. Videos, annotations, various call-to-actions, interactive HTML displays: transform your traditional PDF files into intelligent landing pages. Thanks to ARGOflow, you will create new generation PDFs, which you will share via a unique ‘smartlink’ link.



Manage the distribution of your augmented documents

Increasing a PDF document is good. Distributing a PDF document intelligently is (much) better. With ARGOflow, you can tag each augmented PDF with the name of any number of recipients and track the document’s path to each customer. Of course, you can automate distribution.


Key information at your fingertips

Have you ever wondered if your documents have been received, read, transmitted or completely ignored? Our reporting tools inform you about what happens after you click “send”, thanks to real-time notifications that will allow you to measure your clients’ commitment. Who hasn’t dreamt of following their sales tunnel in real time, knowing who opened their proposal, when and for how long. The Holy Grail of sales in short.

Some use cases

Sales, marketing, finance, HR… the fields of application of the augmented document are vast. The sky is the limit!

ARGOflow in OEM version is possible

Does your sector of activity impose particular operating rules? Don’t worry, ARGOflow is also available as an OEM version, hosted on your servers.

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