Wizeflow becomes ARGOflow: all our expertise in the augmented document is detailed on this site now.

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The interactive pdf,
a new communication channel

The ARGOflow interactive pdf makes all your documents interactive, traceable and secure. The intelligent document platform is accessible to everyone.

A platform that makes your documents intelligent and accessible to everyone

Extend the functionality of your documents by adding a layer of interactivity while maintaining full consistency and integrity with the PDF standard. With ARGOflow, boost your communications by transforming your traditional attachments into true interactive web pages.

Easily drag and drop your videos, audio files, images or clickable links to your PDF media with the ARGOflow editor and boost the attractiveness of your communications and brand awareness, create customer engagement and increase sales.

Your documents become interactive

Add interactions, web applications or media content (Video, Audio Files, Images) to your PDF documents to deliver services and increase customer engagement.

Make faster decisions

Get in-depth analysis and information on the use of your documents. Stay prepared for any eventuality with real-time statistics.

24/7 access to your documents for updating at your own pace

Control access to your documents in real time and manage updates online, instantly, wherever you are, without having to resend your content.

Experience the augmented document

The document shown in the window on the right is a “white paper” augmented with the ARGOflow solution.
Activate and deactivate the interactions that appear on the document with the “IAugmentation” switch in the top right corner of the window.
Click on the various items to access additional video content and redirection links.

The attached example illustrates the integration of an augmented document in a web page.
Your documents augmented with the ARGOflow solution can also be viewed in a standard web PDF viewer.