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Bring emotion to your marketing

Offer your customers the possibility to personalize your products with self-adhesive video post-it.
100% customizable with your colors, the adhesive stqr adapts to all your products: books, labels, packaging, brochures, totems, street-marketing, gift packs and promotional items…engage your audience with an innovative service that triggers emotion.

Boost your sales with an innovating and engaging experience


Boost and engage your audience within your universe with a branded experience


Engage your audience with additional interactive content (video, clickable links, promotions, social networks, etc.).


App free, trigger the stqr experience through the camera of any smartphone, and live it on full screen display or in augmented reality in your environment.

We adapt to your needs

Whatever the size of your campaign (10k or 1M stqr sticker cards), we can handle the printing of QR code stickers via our printing partners or provide you with the unique URLs that will allow you to generate your own personalized QR Codes, printed on the media of your choice (label, POS, etc.)

I want a personalized quote

How does it work ?

For you

  • Personalize your stqr self-adhesive card (format, design)
  • Brand the user experience (video, logo, colors, content)
  • Choose the additional triggers that will be part of the experience (promotions, clickable links, social networks…)
  • Choose the display for the stqr experience (full screen video, augmented reality, or both)
  • Validate the number of QR Code to be printed

…and distribute your stqr cards!

For your clients

  • Your customers collect your personalized cards in stores
  • They scan the QR code and discover the immersive experience
  • Your customers can then replace your video with their own
  • Once the QR Code is personalized, they stick it on the packaging or the support of their choice

Their recipient will be surprised to discover this personal video message, staged in your brand universe.

1. Scan

Your customers scan a stqr and discover your video message staged in your brand universe.

2. Record

Your clients will then update the QR Code with their personalized video message.

3. Stick

They just have to stick the stqr on the support of their choice to share this message.

4. Share

The recipient will have the surprise to discover this video message, within your brand universe.

Customize your campaign stqr

in a few clicks

STQR Splash screen
Customize the screens in the workflow with your charter, your logo and the video message you want to share with your clients.
STQR Blender
Design the 3D animation you want in Augmented Reality, we put at your disposal a 3D template to get you on track.
STQR Plateforme ARGO
Update your video message and 3D animations at any time during your campaign with ARGO editor.

They trust us

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leave us a message, we will call you back as soon as possible to stage your vision and boost your marketing with stqr, the 1st video post-it!


Technical and product elements

When should the message be recorded by the client? What is the deadline for transmitting the message to the person who will read the sticker?

The message is recorded as soon as you scan the “blank” message for the first time. You decide when to do it, you can modify it anytime you want! The availability of the QRcode is immediate, (the time of the upload).

How to access stqr experience?

To access the stqr experience, simply scan a QR Code.
Most Android and IOS smartphones are now equipped with a native QR code reader in the phone’s camera. No application to download, just open the camera and aim the QR code. A clickable link is then displayed on the screen and opens the stqr experience in the browser.

You can also use a standard QR Code reader to decipher the stqr QR. Beware of the embedded browsers on such solutions, however. The stqr experience may be significantly degraded due to the non-compatibility of the internal browsers of these third-party applications. We advise you to scan the QR Code with the camera of your cell phone for a satisfactory experience.

Can only one person be given access to read the STQR?

Currently, it is necessary to have the STQR and to scan it to read the video (but of course any device can have access to the message from the QRcode). It will be possible to add an authentication (not developed yet).

Can the brand make its landing page evolve with the seasons?

Yes, the partner can propose modifications as the situation changes: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, back to school, etc. There is no need to reprint, everything is managed by the partner. Beyond the landing page, the call to action, the clickable elements, are under the control of the brand.

Can the display be modified after editing the STQR?

The landing page can be modified at any moment!

On a retail level, are there any tools to measure stqr usage metrics and engagement ?

Yes, the brand will have the feedback (scan, video deposit, clicks etc.. by its partner agency).

What happens on data level ?

The partner via has access to the usage statistics: recorded video, scan, click… The partner’s customer has these statistical reports, but he also benefits from all the stats of clicks to actions that are in his web environment.

Is the return rate from given stickers trackable for the brand?

We are RGPD compliant.

Practically, how does the person who offers the gift create and send her video?

All it needs is a smartphone and nothing else, no application is required.

Does the sticker have a "shelf life"?

Yes, this is a parameter to be negotiated with the partner.

How long does the video remain accessible?

Currently 30 days, but again this is a parameter that can be changed by the partner.

Is the variation in video length subject to different pricing?

Currently the duration in the initial concept is 15 seconds, but the partner has the possibility to vary it from 15 seconds to 1 minute. For longer durations it will be on estimate with the partner.

Do I have to print on a sticker?

No, each url generated is unique, but the substrate is not important. It all depends on the expected use case.

The printing of the STQR must therefore be absolutely digital and each STQR is therefore unique?

Yes, of course, but depending on the length of the print run, hybridization is possible with inline inkjet heads or offline printing.

Is it only a video selfie?

No, you can also film from the front of the camera, you can even upload a video from your account!

Beyond video, can we imagine other services?

Yes of course, and other use cases will be proposed very soon by our partners.

Can someone change my video or delete it?

No, only the author of the video has control over its content, he manages his content from

Can I destroy my video once recorded?

Yes, either by deleting your account at STQR or by deleting the video on your STQR account. It can even be modified.


Can we propose this solution for e-commerce by sticking the STQR to the order preparation, and by providing the QR on the customer's screen (so that he records his video)?

Yes absolutely, no need to present the QRcode on the screen, the STQR/video pairing is done at the time of order through webCAM.

I am an editor and this is very interesting for book signings


Can the QR code be printed directly on a packaging?

Yes of course, but beware of scanning the QR Code in the aisles!

How did the customers of "Autour de BB" welcome and adopt this STQR?

It is offered as a gift for every purchase at the checkout. The first tests are conclusive, the returns will be provided in June.

Partners, business models, deployment

What is the price for the customer?

We provide a BtoBtoC service, so the customer buys the STQR from his partner, then he can either sell or offer its. The usage is free.

What are the rates for the stqr offer?

A public price list is available, we (ARGO) do not sell directly. Our partners are free to charge the prices they want, depending on the volumes and their creations.

How long does it take to set up a campaign ?

The campaign can be deployed in the same amount of time as a traditional print campaign.

Does ARGO plans to implement a B2C offer?

No, our partners can do it if they wish.

How is the generation of the QR code and the label done?

We deliver a CSV of URLs to the printing partner who can use the variable data tool he wants. Alternatively, we can also deliver an optimized PDF ready to be ripped, as long as he provides us with his imposition rules.

Where can I purchase stqr?

Through our partners network (agencies and printers) specialized in mobile marketing and/or variable data printing.

What is the business model?

The partner sells a turnkey operation, linked to the number of STQR produced.

Can we order STQR on the internet?

Yes, if customers open this service on their e-commerce site, it is a product in its own right.