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Bring emotion to your marketing

Offer your customers the possibility to personalize your products with self-adhesive video post-it.
100% customizable with your colors, the adhesive stqr adapts to all your products: books, labels, packaging, brochures, totems, street-marketing, gift packs and promotional items…engage your audience with an innovative service that triggers emotion.

Boost your sales with an innovating and engaging experience



Boost and engage your audience within your universe with a branded experience


Engage your audience with additional interactive content (video, clickable links, promotions, social networks, etc.).


App free, trigger the stqr experience through the camera of any smartphone, and live it on full screen display or in augmented reality in your environment.

We adapt to your needs

Whatever the size of your campaign (10k or 1M stqr sticker cards), we can handle the printing of QR code stickers via our printing partners or provide you with the unique URLs that will allow you to generate your own personalized QR Codes, printed on the media of your choice (label, POS, etc.)

I want a personalized quote

How does it work ?

For you

  • Personalize your stqr self-adhesive card (format, design)
  • Brand the user experience (video, logo, colors, content)
  • Choose the additional triggers that will be part of the experience (promotions, clickable links, social networks…)
  • Choose the display for the stqr experience (full screen video, augmented reality, or both)
  • Validate the number of QR Code to be printed

…and distribute your stqr cards!

For your clients

  • Your customers collect your personalized cards in stores
  • They scan the QR code and discover the immersive experience
  • Your customers can then replace your video with their own
  • Once the QR Code is personalized, they stick it on the packaging or the support of their choice

Their recipient will be surprised to discover this personal video message, staged in your brand universe.

1. Scan

Your customers scan a stqr and discover your video message staged in your brand universe.

2. Film

Your clients will then update the QR Code with their personalized video message.

3. Stick

They just have to stick the stqr on the support of their choice to share this message.

4. Share

The recipient will have the surprise to discover this video message, within your brand universe.

Stage your campaign on your own with ARGO Augmented Reality editor

Customize the screens in the workflow with your charter, your logo and the video message you want to share with your clients.
Design the 3D animation you want in Augmented Reality, we put at your disposal a 3D template to get you on track.
Update your video message and 3D animations at any time during your campaign with ARGO editor.


leave us a message, we will call you back as soon as possible to stage your vision and boost your marketing with stqr, the 1st video post-it!