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Augmented reality for your packaging

Your packaging in augmented reality, what for? At the heart of societal and ecological issues, faced with the challenges of globalization and the demands of consumers, packaging is constantly being improved: lighter, more functional, more beautiful, greener, more connected … How to transmit more with less and less space? What future for packaging?

Your packaging, a gateway to your digital content

The packaging is constrained physically by its shape and size, graphically by the printed space allocated to it, legally by all the legal indications to be indicated… but today, it must tell more and more. Originally designed to protect content, it is more than ever today a marketing tool designed to promote the act of buying. Whether by its design or its message, it must be differentiating.

The modern consumer

The modern consumer is curious, concerned and attentive, as evidenced by the phenomenal success of mobile applications such as Yuka and QuelCosmetic, which respond to customers’ increasingly strong desire for transparency.

The packaging

Augmented reality physical packaging thus becomes the gateway to a rich brand universe, creating a new experience around the product at the moment of contact.


purchase decisions are made in the store Source


of consumers are more inclined to buy from a retailer offering augmented reality Source


of engagement, each packaging scan generates at least one click Source: ARGO statistics

“Increased physical packaging becomes the gateway to a rich brand universe”.

Augmented reality on packaging: 11 reasons to make the right choice

  • No change to the current shape or size of the packaging
  • Sublimate the product with a 360° communication by telling a story
  • Improve product perception: security, serenity, confidence
  • Promote traceability from the creation of the product and its packaging to its end of life.
  • Fight against counterfeiting by providing guarantees to the consumer
  • Promote the know-how of the producer/designer in a playful way
  • Increase the memorization rate thanks to a “wow” effect
  • Improve customer satisfaction by enhancing the shopping experience
  • Stand out from the competition by increasing the visibility of the product in an increasingly crowded space (on the shelf or on the packaging itself)
  • Establish a dialogue with consumers (instant contact form)
  • Promote your product (gift games/contests, daily update of augmented reality content, etc.)

Use case: “Justin Bridou” app by ARGO

The Justin Bridou brand offers an original game: a general knowledge quiz in augmented reality with many gifts to win. Original, user-friendly, interactive, the packaging becomes a game element for a unique experience with friends.

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