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Augmented reality quotes and invoices mean more interaction with customers


Turn your quotes and invoices into real tools of engagement with your prospects and clients. With ARGOflow, static PDFs created in your existing accounting software, CRM, or other management tool are transformed into real web pages. Get real-time feedback on your documents and pick up the pace of your interactions!

The augmented quote

Enhance your quotes and invoices to improve customer engagement. Be alerted by email when your ARGOflow documents are first opened, and get detailed statistics about consultations of your document:

  • Number of pages viewed
  • Most visited pages
  • Total duration of visit

You can even export the raw connection data to your Google Data Studio using our API.

ARGOflow gives you the power of web analytics, transforming any PDF document into a highly effective web object. Use it to accelerate your sales cycles, or just to make better decisions.



your quotes using the tools of your choice. Our solutions work independently.



your quote with personal messages and many other kinds of interactive engagement.



your client’s progress in your dashboard

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