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The augmented document to
level up Human Resources

Delivering the right messages is imperative when training your employees, whether they are internal employees or members of your eco-system. The delivery of augmented training materials allows you to improve the relevance of your messages and bring all the detailed information to the right audiences.

Human resources are changing

Digital transformation, reorganization, welcoming a new employee, technological evolution… there are many reasons why organizations change. The common thread of a successful transformation: appropriate internal communication to the right audience.

Human resources departments now have the opportunity to change their communication habits by addressing specific and different messages to each actor of the organization. Even though digital channels are becoming more and more important for internal communication, a lot of documents are still shared.
Save time and money by optimizing your documents and centralizing all useful resources.

Internal training materials in Augmented Reality

Discover Manpower’s idea of an augmented poster that allows training content to be updated annually, monthly or weekly. Using AR from a smartphone makes it easy to share relevant content with branch employees: a single visual printed for several months and video content and useful links updated as needed, without having to reprint everything. 

Overview on an augmented poster and its augmentations

Use cases: ManPower & Bnp Paribas E&RE X ARGO

Nowadays, we are witnessing a transformation in the way we communicate, both digitally and in our habits. Find out how ManPower and BNP Paribas E&RE decided to implement AR for their internal communications here.

The augmented PDF payslip: no more misunderstandings

The augmented PDF is a medium of choice to provide all the necessary information to the employee on the sensitive documents that are shared with him. What if your PDF payslips were transformed into interactive information platforms? Keep the integrity of your PDF format as well as your internal invoicing tool and simply add the relevant digital content: video, explanatory notes, automatic translation into another language or audio description: your invoices are now inclusive and clear.

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