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Augmented reality for direct marketing

Your printed cards for immersive experiences

Working on your graphics, choosing the quality of your paper and finishes… it is now possible to go even further in the care of your campaigns thanks to augmented reality. Get out of the frame, give a new dimension to your addressed and unaddressed mail campaigns. Renew the experience, get your audience involved: visual animations, digital interactions, contests, branded videos… discover augmented cards.

Scanning an augmented map with your phone allows you to reveal “hidden” interactive content, added as an “overlay” to your physical map. The effect of surprise linked to this technology makes it possible to mark the spirits. Your recipient will be more inclined to keep this original print, or even to demonstrate it to his or her loved ones.

Increase your direct mailings and give a new dimension to your direct marketing campaigns.

Your recipient will be more inclined to keep this original print, or even to demonstrate it to their loved ones.

Benefits of Augmented Reality for Direct Marketing


  • Opening up a space for expression greater than that imposed by the traditional format of the physical medium
  • Propose shortcuts that engage the contact and lighten the effort of data entry.
  • Campaign tracking and statistics to study the behaviour of your recipients
  • Increase the memorization rate thanks to a “wow” effect and provoke word-of-mouth
  • Improve recipient satisfaction through enrichment of the experience
  • No changes to the current shape or dimensions of your printed material are necessary.
  • Increase the lifespan of your media by updating content in real time
  • Gaming your campaigns to increase the engagement rate