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Augmented mail for business

The printed medium is the ideal playground for augmented reality, whether for marketing mail, catalogs, invoices, quotes, or flyers distributed to customers.

Enrich all your mail with our augmented reality solutions, working to improve our perception of the world around us.

Augmented mail

Augmented reality connects print and digital


Make your print and PDF materials interactive and create new customer experiences.

The ARGO Augmented Documents experience is rich because end users can experience augmented reality in three distinct and complementary ways:

  1. With the native ARGOplay application, a “white label” application customized with your colors or integrated in an existing app with our SDK.
  2. Using web AR, with no application to download, viewed in your smartphone or tablet’s internet browser.
  3. With a 100% digital experience with ARGOflow, making each PDF document a landing page or a mini website that allows you to collect many viewing statistics.