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Augmented mail for businesses

The printed medium is the ideal playground for augmented reality, whether for marketing mail, catalogs, invoices, quotes or flyers distributed to customers.

Enrich all your mail with our augmented reality solutions to improve the perception of the world around us.

Augmented reality makes the link between print and digital

Make your print and PDF materials interactive and create new customer experiences.

The ARGO Augmented Documents experience is rich because end users have the opportunity to experience augmented reality in 3 distinct and complementary ways:

  1. With the native ARGOplay application or in an application in your colors, in white label or integrated in an existing app with our SDK.
  2. With the web AR, without any application to download, in the internet browser of your smartphone or tablet
  3. With a 100% digital experience with ARGOflow that makes each PDF document a landing page or a mini website that allows you to collect many statistics of consultation.



Example of an augmented flyer. Do not hesitate to play with the switch button on the upper right side. You can also click on all the links you see. Powered by ARGOflow

The 12 advantages of Augmented Reality for Mail

  • Create a link to a website or to a commercial website
  • Share your vCard details
  • Create a WhatsApp interaction button
  • Dial a direct call
  • Add 2D / 3D multimedia content
  • Create share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.
  • Write an e-mail to get in touch with your sales or technical team.
  • Create a calendar event in Outlook, Google, Yahoo, Apple Calendar
  • Upload a file
  • Embed videos or links to a YouTube channel
  • Create instant winning games
  • Create a wishlist to share with your family and friends

Your paper and digital mail for immersive experiences

Working on your graphics, choosing the quality of your paper and finishes… it is now possible to go even further in the care of your campaigns thanks to augmented reality. Get out of the frame, give a new dimension to your addressed and unaddressed mail campaigns. Renew the experience, involve your audience: visual animations, digital interactions, contests, branded videos… discover augmented mail.

Scanning with your smartphone an augmented mail allows you to reveal “hidden” interactive content, added as an “overlay” of your physical support. The effect of surprise linked to this technology makes a lasting impression. Your recipient will be more inclined to keep this original print, or even to demonstrate it to his or her loved ones.

Augment your mailings and give a new dimension to your direct marketing campaigns.


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