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Augmented reality for your print or digital catalogs

Environmental issues and the increasing digitization of communications are raising questions about the future of the catalog. Should its distribution be reduced? Should its number of pages be reduced? Should its content be optimized?

Print catalogs as an additional e-commerce channel with augmented reality

For 20 years, distribution has been layering all the means of digital expression as fast as they appear: websites, emails, search, affiliation, display, social networks, applications, or their equivalents. And yet the printed catalog has not been replaced. Why is this?

Because the human brain loves print!

A 2015 study by neuroscientists at Temple University in Pennsylvania showed that paper advertising activates the part of the brain that assigns value and desire more intensely than digital media. Increased activity also indicates greater purchase intent.

While multi-channel marketing has become the norm in retail, print catalogs offering augmented reality experiences encourage multi-channel consumer behavior.

By offering additional editorial content, users move from print to digital, viewing video content, filling out online order forms, or interacting through contests or augmented reality game experiences.

The trend encourages creativity in catalogs:  formats, materials, and editorial content develop the brand image on new emotional levels and help build consumer loyalty. In this way, your augmented reality catalogs increase the popularity of your brand and promote buying, thanks to interactive and dynamic content.


catalogs trigger a visit to the company’s website  Source


of the top 100 retailers distribute mailbox catalogs Source


of consumers make a purchase decision after receiving a printed advertisement in the mail Source

10 reasons why you should augment your printed and digital catalogs

  • No need to modify the print version
  • Enhance your products by staging them
  • Improve product perception with added editorial content (videos, modeling, etc.)
  • Offer a more imaginative printed catalog using augmented reality
  • Integrate your catalogs into your multi-channel marketing strategies
  • Create direct contact points
  • Increase the rate of recall by triggering a “wow” effect.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by enhancing the shopping experience
  • Establish dialogue with your consumers using an instant contact form
  • Make events out of your product references (giveaways, contests, daily updates about augmented reality content, etc.)

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