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What is Augmented Reality ?

From publishing to packaging, education to marketing, Augmented Reality (AR) pushes the boundaries of creativity and storytelling to create immersive and memorable experiences from print. ARGO offers you a native AR solution with the ARGOplay mobile app, as well as an app less alternative with its webAR solution, an augmented reality player accessible directly from a web browser.
Our Augmented Reality solutions are proposed to you with a complete management platform for your augmented print campaigns.

AR…what ?

Augmented Reality is a technology that has been around for a few decades, but has undergone a tremendous democratization in recent years with the rise of smartphones and the phenomenal success of Pokémon GO mobile game, which has propelled this technology and its use to the forefront.

Augmented Reality allows users to display virtual layers in the real world and thus interact with their environment: the impact and relevance of the “AR” experience experienced by the user is thus multiplied tenfold.

Interaction with augmented reality content (videos, holograms, additional content) is done through our smartphone or tablet screens. Augmented reality is today a technology used daily in many sectors of activity.

To experience Augmented Reality (AR), you need :

  • A smartphone or tablet with integrated camera
  • A good internet connection (Wifi/4G)
  • A mobile Augmented Reality application (ARGOplay) for the native AR experiment (IOS/Android) or a simple web browser to access the experiment in webAR.
  • An augmented visual (also called a marker)

All you have to do is scan an augmented printout with your smartphone or tablet to reveal the interactive content that is hidden : let magic happen

Users retain 8 times better what they have seen in augmented reality (Neuro Insight 2019 Study).

Your prints in augmented reality

Enrich your printed communication supports with interactive experiences: videos, audio files, 3D animations, URL links… Push the boundaries of creativity and storytelling to create immersive and memorable experiences.


Once upon a time : augmented reality

Augmented reality was born in 1962, under the impetus of Morton Heilig, a filmmaker who invented the “sensorama“, a helmet equipped with sensors to simulate a motorcycle trip in New York. Even if this device was then more similar to what we call today virtual reality, this is the first attempt to mix virtual and real to immerse the user in a new sensory experience. As technological advances continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, Augmented Reality is now a popular technology in many industries such as retail, publishing, events, marketing, and education: create magical Augmented Reality experiences with ARGO.


Why augmented reality ?

Achieve your different marketing objectives thanks to augmented reality

Augmented prints respond to modern challenges

Marketing practices are constantly evolving: following the trend and adapting to new behaviors and new technologies is vital. The challenges of brands and institutions invite to stand out from the competition, to manage the multiplication of content and to use new distribution channels intelligently. Augmented reality is a technological innovation that enables the creation of new broadcasting spaces adapted to mobility and the use of smartphones. It is also an artistic innovation that enables the deployment of new types of creations.

Branding: augmente the rate of memorization

Augmented reality allows to offer a new type of advertising experience. Create the wow effect of an innovative print! Add a virtual layer to your physical media: multimedia, contests… open the field of possibilities and touch the millenials from the print.


Service: Offer new customer experiences

Augmented reality allows you to go beyond the physical constraints of your media. Offer additional services by exploiting the virtual space: enrich your printed media with new information and animations.

Sales: make the customer journey more fluid thanks to augmented reality

Augmented reality opens up a new customer acquisition channel: boost your sales! Grab the attention of prospects using your traditional print media and convert them via their smartphone by offering them promotions and shortcuts to order directly online.

To go further…

Augmented reality allows you to augment your physical supports. ARGO also offers you the ability to augment your digital PDF documents with its ARGOflow solution which allows you to transform your static PDF documents into fully functional web interfaces through the addition of interactive layers.



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