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Augmented reality opens up a new customer acquisition channel.

Boost your sales! Grab the attention of prospects using your traditional print media and convert them via their smartphone by offering them promotions and shortcuts to order directly online.

Why increase the conversion rate?

Augmented reality on print offers many possibilities for capturing prospects and designing a smooth customer journey. Discover the advantages of augmented reality to meet your sales objectives.


How to promote paper as a sales tool: by focusing on content?

Paper communication has the merit of offering a “physical” support, which can be manipulated, within sight. Catalog, business card, magazine, promotional flyer… these communication supports are historical acquisition channels. They promote the discovery of the product or service, and engage the prospect in his phase of information research.

Then give your physical media the qualities of digital for an immersive, rich and memorable experience:


 3D modeling, interactivity, video and dynamic content

Real Time

News, comments and customer reviews, availability…


Contest games, quizzes, instant win… 


Personalized offers, retargeting…

Why connect your printed materials?

To simplify the customer journey: optimize your purchase path from print to online. Printed materials are an excellent first point of contact, but in a cross-channel strategy, many prospects get lost before completing their online transaction.

Augmented reality creates a direct link from a physical medium to an online store, an order form, or a registration form… your customers can then go from paper to internet in two clicks thanks to your AR device.

A smoother buying path for a higher conversion rate, ideal for your street-marketing or direct marketing campaigns.


Make your points of sale even more attractive

Enhance the attractiveness of your point of sale with exclusive on-site customer experiences.

Augmented Reality is a plus for your point-of-sale animations. Optimize the efficiency of your commercial strategy thanks to phygital commerce. Use the advantages of digital and take advantage of the rarity effect: launch event-driven operations using your posters, gondola heads, floor markings or catalogs distributed in stores… offer an entertaining experience and earn loyalty points and other forms of commercial promotions.


Stay informed

Submit relevant offers and be instantly alerted when your prospects view your sales proposals and quotes.


Analyze the interest of your prospects in detail

Always be ready for your next meeting with page-by-page statistics

Real time update

An error has crept into your offer? Don’t panic. Put your files in instantly, even after you share them, your prospects will never have to know.

Project Case: Pandora X Disney

Discover how, thanks to the use of Augmented Reality in its stores, Pandora has succeeded in creating traffic at the point of sale and offer a fun experience to customers in line with the brand’s values.

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