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Augmented reality at the heart of our expertise

Augmented reality is an integral part of ARGO’s corporate DNA. Strong and proud of its PDF document DNA, ARGO is redesigning the use of the document, whether it is printed or in its digital form. For more than 30 years now, the print market has relied on the widespread adoption of this digital medium.
ARGO offers to exploit its full potential for enriching shared information thanks to its proprietary technologies and its 24/7 accessible platform, requiring no computer programming skills and delivering a set of real-time statistics.

The number of PDF files

According to Adobe, more than 220 billion files are opened each year worldwide (source: Adobe).


The number of A4 sheets printed each day

This is the quantity of paper produced each day, converted into the equivalent of A4 sheets (source: Statista). 

The number of PDF files stored at Dropbox

PDF documents are essential vectors of information exchange in many sectors (CRM, marketing, education, transactional documents). However, these documents are very little exploited. For the most part they are static, do not propose interactions and do not allow data collection: it is a one-way relationship.

What to do with the ARGO platform?

ARGO now offers a platform that allows you to augment PDF documents whether they are consumed in digital or paper format. ARGO augmentation adds content, interaction and services so that every document becomes a business opportunity:

To engage

the opportunity to start the conversation with the recipient

To analyse

the opportunity to collect behavioural data

To innovate

the opportunity to offer innovative services

To understand

the opportunity to assist in the understanding of the document itself

And in the end, the opportunity for all companies to turn their documents into an additional source of revenue. 

Powerful innovations

Our platform is based on several years of R&D and patented technologies  that allow to augment all the documents:


For the physical channel

We have developed a proprietary full web Augmented Reality technology that allows any printed document to be scanned to display services and interactions without having to download a mobile app.


For the digital channel

In the same way, we have developed an Augmented PDF technology that allows you to interact directly with the document from a web browser while maintaining its integrity in compliance with the PDF standard.

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