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Augmented reality enhances brand image

Augmented reality allows to offer a new type of advertising experience. Surprise your audience with an innovative print! Add a virtual layer to your physical support: video hologram, contest… open up the field of possibilities.

Increase the memorization rate


Boost your brand awareness with new experiences

In a market saturated by advertising messages, get yourself noticed with a modern, entertaining and creative campaign.


Adopting the latest media trends allows brands to reach the millennials

Thanks to augmented reality, the consumer becomes an actor of advertising since he has to interact with his phone and the space around him.

Script your printed matter in a unique way

Make consumers want to share your campaign.

Augmented Reality provokes a surprise response in the brain that increases memory and attention by 70% compared to conventional media (Source: Neuro-Insight, 2019).

Improve your brand image with “pull marketing”.

Favorably position your brand or product in the minds of consumers, thanks to bottom-up communication. The provision of information allows the consumer to consult the content where and when he wants, this communication sought by the recipient will induce a better reception of the message.
In addition to the advantages of “pull marketing”, augmented reality allows physical media to be accompanied by multimedia content. Video, audio and animations are excellent vehicles for your storytelling! Create a strong brand and develop customer relations.


Increase attention span with experiential marketing

The new media represented by augmented reality opens up a new dimension to express oneself and deploy one’s brand universe. It is a new distribution channel that allows you to reuse your existing content, to script it and to propose it in a contextualized communication. This technology gives your content the best possible exposure: no YouTube pre-rolls, no notifications, and no pop-up ads. Present your content without external pollution, and in a space that you control. A new immersive, engaging and consumer-friendly media.


Create and share your templates

Create beautiful interactive templates to share with your teams to enrich their documents.

Measure your ROI

Follow in detail and live the commitment and use of your documents and be notified when your customers consult your offer. Get in touch with them at the most opportune moment and save time.

Collaborate easily with your team

Store your campaigns and templates in dedicated folders to facilitate collaboration between your teams and make the scenarios that work profitable.

The future starts here

Bring your media to life and participate in the transformation of print media: interactive, intelligent, useful! Show us your projects.

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