Bear2b s’appelle désormais ARGOservices : retrouvez toute notre expertise en marque blanche, SDK et API sur ce site.

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Augmented reality with your colors

Creating an augmented reality app with your colors is easy with ARGO. Using our ready-to-use ARGOplay app is not an end in itself.

Linking your print media and your digital world with an app in your colors, incorporating our know-how into an existing application or interfacing large volumes of data for mass, automated, and real-time increases via our API, it is up to you:

White label

All the features of ARGOplay in an app in your colors.

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Integrate ARGO’s expertise into your existing app.

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To interface the increased document power with your information systems.

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Our technologies can be integrated into your existing processes. Our products are offered in OEM, hosted, white label or SDK mode, contact us for any specific request.

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