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Augmented reality for the event industry

With a multitude of events and activities to choose from, focusing on the quality of user experience is the key to keeping the audience interested. Whether it’s a sporting event, a pop up, an escape game or a conference, ensure the experience is unique, engaging, and memorable.

Augmented reality is a perfect medium for events

Event strategists have to come up with innovative ways to stand out from the crowd. Standards are constantly on the rise, and marketers have to meet those high expectations to sweep users off their feet.

Attendees still love to experience tangible human interaction, but they also want to be informed quickly and efficiently and won’t hesitate to use their smartphones to find relevant information or relay it on social media. Grab their attention with printed materials (flyers, posters, pamphlets) and surprise them by adding a digital component.


of US marketers generate sales through event marketing (Source)


of marketers believe that digital tools have a positive impact on their events (Source)


of Senior Managers plan on investing more in the event industry (Source)

An overwhelming majority of event marketers believe that technology can have a major positive impact on the success of their events

12 tips to guarantee the success of your augmented reality projects at your next event

  • Engage your audience with an interactive presentation
  • Expand your communication horizons and transmit more information
  • Improve your staging and optimize your event space
  • Minimize installation time by presenting projects and services with digital 3D models
  • Capture attention through innovative staging
  • Increase the rate of recall by triggering a “wow” effect
  • Increase your contact list with contests and questionnaires
  • Stand out from competitors by creating a unique experience
  • Use fresh content to give the event more appeal
  • Closely observe your attendees’ behavior and reactions by gathering data and statistics
  • Update your participants with real-time information
  • Leave a trace of your event in your participants’ phones

Use case: Fête de l’Humanité X ARGOplay

This event, bringing together celebration, music, culture, politics, sport and friendly encounters, has chosen to work with ARGOplay to give a new dimension to its communication media. Find out more here

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