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The augmented reality mobile app ARGOplay

The ARGOplay native AR app is the augmented reality player from the ARGOplatform software.

The app is used by all of our partners and clients to deliver their AR campaigns. ARGOeditor users can instantly publish their creations to be viewed in the ARGOplay app.

Scan your augmented prints with our native iOS/Android mobile application. Free and widely distributed, it offers an unrivalled viewing experience for your augmented reality creations.

ARGOplay in a nutshell

  • Free and public
  • Native app available on iOS/Android
  • ARKit/Core compatible
  • access to a platform that will allow you to review and manage all your creations in augmented reality
  • access to the ARGOplay community and existing campaigns

*depending on mobile device OS

ARGOplay (ex-SnapPress) the native augmented reality solution for retail, commerce, and consumer goods, available free of charge to end-users on iOS and Android smartphones, preview of a smartphone display

New! 🎉

Try our new ARGOplay / Unity (Bêta) version

The ARGOplay native app is now available in Bêta, pimped with a powerful 3D Unity engine which allows breathtaking rendering and unlimited interactions (watch video).

Download Bêta version on your device and discover how to publish your creations with our Unity plug-in.

Augment reality with ARGOplay.
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