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BEAR unveils its 3D interface. A new way to create augmented reality!

par | Mar 15, 2018 | Actualités, Marque

Already available for several weeks in your augmented reality platform, the 3D editor is now equipped with a wide range of features, allowing it to ensure:

  • A complete 3-dimensional visualization of your target as well as interactions that have been applied upstream from your 2D workspace.
  • The ability to change the position, rotation, and scale of the different interactions that make up your target increase.

Extremely useful when it comes to visualizing media that are difficult to perceive usually from your 2D scene (such as 3D objects or vertically oriented elements for example), the new 3D editor can also offer a global and precise vision of all that will appear on the user’s device when scanning your communication medium through your augmented reality application. 


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