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Webinar: “Beyond Print: Technologies for Augmenting Print Reality”

par | Août 19, 2020 | Actualités

ARGO intervient lors du prochain LunchNLearn organisé par WhatTheyThink mercredi 26 août à 13:00 (ET), soit 19:00 (heure de Paris).

Cette intervention en mode table ronde sera consacrée au futur du papier connecté, avec une attention toute particulière au rôle joué par la #réalitéaugmentée 

Intervention de 30 mn en anglais

Many of you are wondering about the future of paper in such a connected world and you would be right: how to integrate technologies in an industry that appears disconnected?

What is important to highlight is that, nowadays, the printing industry does not make an exception to the integration of technologies during its manufacturing process. 

This webinar “Beyond Print: Technologies for Augmenting Print Reality” will look deeper into several examples of “interactive print”. Indeed, the goal here is to discuss about:

  • How technologies work, how they can be implemented, and how they differ from each other
  • Practical, real-world examples of how printers and print customers are using technologies
  • How to implement technologies (such as augmented reality…)

Looking at the different technologies for making print interactive, each speaker will talk about what it do best:

  • SpeedPro’s Near Field Communication-based InfoLnkX
  • ARGO’s use of augmented reality (AR) to bring print catalogs to life
  • Xanté’s Infomark to share images and rich-media assets associated with print-based content

And the session will also include background material on other kinds of interactive print technologies, such as QR codes and virtual reality (VR).

Conference led by on Wednesday, 26 August, at 1 p.m. ET:

  • Richard Romano, managing editor at WhatTheyThink 
  • Adam Koppelman, SpeedPro Services Group, Totowa, N.J.
  • Frédéric Guarino, ARGO
  • Robert Ross, Xanté


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