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BORDAS to augment all of its Secondary textbooks

par | Jan 29, 2019 | Actualités, Éditeurs

– App: Bordas FlashPage Android and iOS
– Takeaway: deployed over 80 textbooks with thousands of new and legacy assets, used by students and recognized by teachers as a differentiating approach that led to an increasing market share
– Market segment: students and teachers from secondary schools
– Imprints: languages, science, mathematics, economy and history textbooks
– Assets used: interactive quizzes, pdf and video documents

BORDAS, a leading French publication brand, specializing in creating textbooks for varied age groups ranging from preschool to secondary, is getting all of their secondary textbooks augmented with ARGO. While Augmented Reality is taking quantum leaps becoming increasingly popular with publishing companies all across the globe, BORDAS, also a part of Europe’s largest publishing group Planeta, is eyeing at an increased market share by keeping pace with the rapidly evolving technology. It is needless to mention that the tides are turning in the multi-billion dollars printing and publishing industry.

Augmented Reality: Shaping The Future of Print

Augmented Reality promises an advanced digital experience and a quick look at the market statistics and trends suggesting reader preferences reveals that it is already shaping the future of print. Interestingly, augmented textbooks are also fast becoming a preferred choice for students of various age groups, as to them, it brings a whole new experience of both reading and visualizing their printed textbooks at the same time. Moreover, it has been actively recommended by teachers and educationists from across the academic spectrum for the fact that augmented textbooks create a more lively visual experience and have proven to be more effective in various teaching and learning processes. 

Experience it for yourself! Scan the image below with Bordas FlashPage Android or iOS App to see how augmented imprints make it interactive, engaging and easy for students.

At ARGO we have already deployed over 80 of BORDAS’ textbooks with thousands of new and legacy assets including interactive quizzes, pdf, and video documents. It truly amplifies the popularity of their textbooks among students and teachers and makes their textbooks stand out and ahead of the competition. With more and more educational institutes preparing to bring in new and advanced technologies, it also gives BORDAS’ textbooks an edge over the traditional printed material.

Making it Easy and Effective

As Augmented Reality opens door to a host of benefits to publishers, ARGO makes it seamless and easy regardless of the volume of the imprints and their complexity. Take the case with BORDAS, they have a number of textbooks and thousands of imprints. One of biggest advantages that BORDAS has with ARGO is that they get all their existing textbooks augmented without having to make any change to their existing imprints. Furthermore, with a range of media assets including interactive quizzes, pdf and video documents included in the ARGO platform, BORDAS now have their textbooks augmented with a number of engaging features to offer their readers.

The user-friendly and intuitive Bordas FlashPage App for both Android and iOS users allows BORDAS to expand their reach to all market segments. Also, they now get seamless access to advanced analytics which provides them with real-time data which they use to make their textbooks more tailored to the user preferences, streamline their marketing efforts, and maximize market share.

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