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PRISMA PRESS reinvents social interactions over Print

par | Jan 30, 2019 | Actualités, Éditeurs

– App: SnapPress Android and iOS
– Takeaway: use of the new SnapPress app, thanks to easy PostScript integration, proved both innovative and viral, letting audiences comment articles and share their own content
– Market segment: millennials, young adults and executives
– Imprints: Neon generalist, Capital business and Geo educational monthly magazines
– Assets used: social media call-to-action, Giphy and user-generated content as well as video footage

The Prisma Media Group is one of the leading media publishing houses in France. With over 26 different popular publications including News, Economics, Culinary and more, Prisma Media has something for all age groups. However, amidst tough competition from their digital counterparts, maximizing brand awareness amongst the “youth” – which is not only the most dynamic social group but also one of the biggest market segments – has always been challenging. This isn’t surprising, as with the digital revolution taking over, it is pretty much the case with most print media publications. 

But here’s something that the Prisma management decided to do which would significantly charge their popularity amongst millennials, young adults, and executives. In their bid to further strengthen their grip on this market segment, Prisma Media Group’s management decided to launch Prisma XR, a dedicated research and development cell aimed at creating immersive experiences for their young readers. 

Reinventing Social Interactions Over Print

Based on recommendations from their new R&D cell, Prisma Media Group collaborated with SnapPress, an innovative cross-publishers gathering initiative which is part of ARGO, to release augmented issues of the NEON Magazine, one of their trademark publications targeting youth. And for this bold but visionary decision of Prisma Media, NEON Magazine witnessed a surge in popularity and eager reception by the French young audience.

Following this successful initiative, Prisma Media decided to extend the Augmented Reality experience to some major imprints in their catalogue: CAPITAL, a monthly business magazine targeting young executives, and GEO, an educational monthly magazine known for its detailed reports and pictures. Integration of these two new magazines was facilitated by the PostScript processing offered by SnapPress.

Taking the Pulse of the Youth

Prisma Media took the pulse of the millennials and young executives understanding the need to adopt innovative measures to redefine their print publications. While time is of the essence in today’s era of constantly evolving technologies, given the current market dynamics, picking Augmented Reality was not a difficult choice as it is one of the most advanced and effective technologies that connect Print with the digital world to create the most immersive and engaging experience for the readers. 

Scan the image of Prisma Media’s Capital Magazine with SnapPress Android or iOS App and you would get to know why their augmented editions became a hit amongst the young executives.

For the first time, the young readers got more than just a traditional printed magazine. The augmented magazines offer multiple features including social media call-to-action, Giphy content, video footage, interactive visuals, audio and many more. 

Plus the SnapPress App not only allows users to enjoy the augmented version of the magazines but it also lets them comment and share their own content; all that they could do with a typical digital magazine, but keeping this physical and special relation you get with Print.

Result – The readers embraced the change and responded by gifting Prisma with increased sales and much-needed buzz which accentuated their market presence.

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