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How AR became NATHAN’s most popular app

par | Jan 31, 2019 | Actualités, Éditeurs

– App: Nathan Live Android and iOS
– Takeaway: most popular app among Nathan’s 40+ mobile apps, more than 200,000 downloads, 1 million scans and interactions
– Market segment: from preschoolers to teenagers
– Imprints: picture books, comics, board games, language learning methods
– Assets used: audio soundtracks and translations, 3D animations

Nathan, a part of Editis which is the 2nd largest French publishing group, is a leading and one of the most popular names in the European early childhood education market. With over 1000 products including textbooks, educational games, arts and crafts, and more, Nathan offers a range of products designed and developed particularly for kids starting from 2-years old. 

Despite strong brand value, staying ahead maintaining a majority market share is a constant challenge, even for top brands like Nathan. But for Nathan’s foresighted decision to augment their preschool textbooks, they have managed to get an overwhelming response for their new Nathan Live App.

And, while Augmented Reality is already inching towards becoming a mainstream adoption, redefining both print and digital experiences by making the visuals so lively that you can literally talk to them, it is not that difficult to understand how Augmented Reality became “Nathan’s” most popular app. Now it has over 200,000 downloads with over a million scans and interactions – all in a matter of months.

Nathan Live App

Nathan has been into publishing since 1883. And as they say what lasts is not what resists time, but that which adapts and accepts the change; the Idea that inspired them to create a Nathan Live App was to transform all their traditional illustrative children books to advanced digital content to further boost sales and increase market share. 

The Nathan Live App scans the books, and with the advanced ARGO technology, it augments the images with animation and sound to make the illustrations and texts lively. While it gives a completely new and immersive digital experience to kids, it makes Nathan’s print books a preferred choice in stores. 

Take a quick look at how Augmented Reality is transforming the digital experience for Nathan’s readers. Scan the image with Nathan Live Android or iOS.

Moreover, with their books digitally connected, Nathan can now have access to student’s feedbacks and also advanced analytics to help them in their marketing and development.

Is it all about visual simulation?

If you’re thinking that it is only the visual simulation of Augmented Reality which triggered the App Downloads increasing Nathan’s popularity, then you might be only partially correct. The fact is there is much more to it.

Several researchers and educationists have suggested that kids are more likely to learn faster when visuals and graphics are applied in the teaching methodology. Kids are able to understand a concept much better with the use of visual tools. Most importantly, visual techniques make learning more interactive and engaging as they help create an interest in kids for learning with fewer distractions. 

Nathan’s live app with its Augmented Reality feature creates that interactive learning environment for kids and therefore it is more than just a visual experience. And that explains why the app was downloaded over 200,000 times in just a matter of months. 

At ARGO we are proud to have partnered with Nathan in their pursuit of integrating innovative AR technology and creating a revolutionary tool to help our kids have a better learning experience than ever before. Also, the good news is that with the unprecedented initial success of the Nathan Live App we have a renewed contract to help Nathan connect more of their books digitally.

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