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Let your resume be your showcase

Set yourself apart with a resume presented in augmented reality. Augmented-resume is a free, 100% online service for students and young jobseekers, allowing them to increase the impact of their applications and track the engagement of recruiters.

Your augmented resume

Using our editor, you can add a video, add contact links, or highlight the best evidence of your achievements by giving recruiters direct access to your website, publications, or social networks. With your resume in their hands, recruiters will be invited to scan it with the ARGOplay mobile app to reveal your additional content. Stand out from the crowd and showcase your skills and originality with an interactive resume.

A single smart sharing link

Congratulations on augmenting your resume! Now get it out there. How do you choose between a print or digital format? It’s imperative to be able to share your resume online in a way that doesn’t require printing. Recruiters who view your resume online can scan their screen to access your added content, just like the printed version. For those who don’t want to use the scanning option, don’t worry, we’ve thought of everything: after you upload your resume, you’ll get a unique share link that you can post anywhere online. When clicked, your share link will open a browser-based PDF reader that displays your resume with all your added content. This delivers the same experience as our augmented reality application.

Measure the impact of your job applications

It happens all too often that a job application simply gets no response.   Doubt sets in. Was my resume received? Was it even opened? Don’t waste time waiting and wondering when you can measure the impact of all your applications in real time. Whether recruiters view your resume in augmented reality via the ARGOplay mobile app or online using your unique share link, each access will send an alert that you can track in your statistics dashboard. You can see whether your resume was scanned or opened online, which interactive features were clicked on, and how long the viewer spent in your resume. Measure the positive reception of your applications and use what you learn to make adjustments.

Share your resume freely online via your social networks, or even to make a video of it for more impact: Augmented resumes create “buzz”.


A resume that makes an impression

Stand out from the crowd with your augmented resume. This example has more than 500,000 views on LinkedIn. Now it’s your turn!

overview of a smartphone screen showing an increased cv

The benefits of augmented resumes

Augmented resumes come with many benefits that traditional ones don’t.

Distinguish yourself with a memorable resume

Leave the herd behind and stand out.

Let go of attachments

Use the smart sharing link to put your resume in the hands of recruiters.

No more waiting

Measure the impact of your job applications in real time by tracking when and how recruiters consult your resume (file opening, reading time, etc.)

Highlight your skills

Videos, personal achievements, creative publications, social networks and more! Augment your resume with personalized content to show off your areas of talent and expertise.

It’s free

The icing on the cake is that it won’t cost you a cent to try it out yourself.

Contact us

Do you have a question about our free augmented resume service? Are you looking for inspiration? Wondering if you should integrate this service into your current offerings? Want to partner with us? Leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.