SnapPress is now called ARGOplay: only the name changes!

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 SnapPress becomes ARGOplay

Augmented reality, driving professional solutions for public and private organizations

SnapPress is a professional augmented reality solution. Our customers have access to a platform including a campaign management tool and an Augmented Reality editor in SaaS mode. This platform allows to create, host, publish and follow its AR campaigns in a simple and fast way, without any coding skills.

For mainstream users, SnapPress is a free mobile application that can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play. With this free application, users can play and interact immediately with Augmented Reality content from their smartphone or tablet screen.

SnapPress also offers customers an augmented reality experience without having to download a mobile application. Thanks to WebAR, experience Augmented Reality directly from your mobile’s web browser

Our clients design innovative experiences for leading brands, agencies, event professionals and education specialists, demonstrating how Augmented Reality technology can transform packaging, renew learning, illuminate events and enhance marketing campaigns with innovative and engaging content.

SnapPress is part of the ARGO Group, a leading augmented document technology company with more than 350 customers and partners worldwide.

Augmented reality is a technology that allows digital elements to be superimposed on the real world to enhance a user’s perception of and interaction with their physical environment. These elements can be videos, images, links, 3D animations, etc. Augmented reality has become known through the use of connected glasses but the most accessible use is with the camera of your smartphone.

The Instagram filters, Snapchat that modify faces, or the Pokémon hunt with the Pokémon Go mobile game are among the most well-known examples.

The “marker base”, at the heart of augmented reality

Augmented reality technology works through image recognition. It is possible to define a “marker”, which will be the visual element to be scanned to trigger the interactions in augmented reality on his smartphone. The most common markers are barcodes and other QR codes, but they have the disadvantage of having little graphic appeal.


However, technology has evolved a lot, and today any image can become a marker: a poster, a package, a catalog, a newspaper… no modification of your image or graphic content is necessary. Your physical visual remains intact but you can now give life to it in augmented reality. The use of physical markers allows you to contextualize your communication: for example, create a link between your product catalog and your e-commerce site, broadcast a promotional video on your advertising brochure, script your product packaging by integrating it into your storytelling or “gaming” it by offering a contest game in augmented reality. There is no limit to what you can do.



The complementarity of the printed and digital worlds

The print market brings together everything that is printed, on paper or not, as opposed to digital. It encompasses all work from typesetting to printing, from advertising and commercial printing to magazines, books, catalogs, labels, product packaging, etc.

Augmented Reality allows the printed word to experience a second life by making the link between the physical medium and the digital world. Our customers thus retain all the richness and comfort of print, with all the advantages of digital as a bonus.

Print remains very popular, it offers comfortable reading and is a guarantee of confidence in the content delivered. Digital, on the other hand, offers interactivity and reactivity, it also generates statistics that are very useful to measure your ROI. Thanks to augmented reality, take advantage of the best of both.

Create the customer experience of your choice: educational, practical, fun or commercial.

Augmented reality offers a new dimension to your marketing and communication plans but also to the design of your products. New features, new audiences… engage more easily with your customers, gain market share, generate more revenue, boost your ROI.

Adding augmented reality to your printed materials is very easy to implement: no need to modify your production line, integration can be done even after your content is printed. You probably already have all the necessary interactive editorial content: video, website, social networks, photos, online games, 3D objects… all you have to do is integrate them into your print campaigns.

As simple as drag and drop, equip your creatives with our ARGO Augmented Reality editor, or use one of our partner agencies to enrich your print communications.

SnapPress becomes ARGOplay

Since its creation in 2019, the ARGO Group has expanded its service offering with the ARGOflow Enhanced PDF, and has rethought its entire product naming policy.

The SnapPress application becomes ARGOplay and offers a new, more functional interface for its new name. The English word “play” opens a window to the international market and combines the notion of a multimedia player with the playful dimension of AR.

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