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stqr – my personal information

stqr is powered by ARGO Augmented Documents


We only collect 2 personal data about you :

  • A name (and you don’t have to give your real name)
  • An email address valide

We ask you for this information to:

  • Create and maintain your account
  • Store your confidential videos in your account (no one has access to it, except you and the ARGO moderator in case of inappropriate content) wink
  • Allow you to access your account, edit or delete your videos, or delete your account

We have put in place all the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect your data.

If you want to know more about our privacy policy and how we ensure the protection of our users’ data, you will find all the information herelaughing

If you have any questions regarding your personal data, you can write to us by filling out the contact form below!
See you soon!

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