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Best ways to use ARGOplay in newspapers and magazines

Cover pages – special features – culture and entertainment-related content – sporting results – tutorials – advertising pages – games – forecast content – newsflash

Use case: Prisma Media & ARGOplay

Prisma Media is a leading company in the French press industry with more than 26 newspapers and magazines for all ages.


To keep up with numerous digital competitors and appeal to the younger audience that represents a big portion of their market, Prisma Media launched Prisma XR, a digital department in charge of developing new ways to surprise audiences by adding multimedia content to their printed materials through the ARGOplay app.


The first test was done with Neon, a Millenials favorite. Younger audiences showed real interest and the success was such that Prisma Media expanded the experiment to other magazines.

Prisma Media really understood their young audience’s needs and repositioned themselves as a modern company open to innovation. Augmented reality was the perfect tool for them to take that step, since it is the most technologically advanced method to merge tangible and digital together. And in addition to discovering a new multi-layered experience through the app, users could also share their own content on social media, as they would have done with any regular news website. Augmented allowed them to stay connected, all the while enjoying the quality of printed materials.

Readers loved that digital switch and helped Prisma Media boost their sales and reestablish themselves on the press market. In the end, over 100K scans and 163K clicks were done on the printed versions of the magazines.


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