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Best ways to use ARGOplay for retail

Catalogs – in-store advertising – packaging – flyers – contests – window displays – posters

Use Case: E.Leclerc X ARGOplay

The retail giant E. Leclerc partnered with the agency Hudik and SnapPress to bring their product catalogs to life

It’s a fact, product catalogs are stern and tedious because they act as an inventory of what is in store with dozens of products per page and very small visuals. With the help of ARGOplay and augmented reality, the catalog came to life with beautiful visuals and animations, attracting the users’ attention and triggering sales.

smartphone scanning a magazine

As users flipped through the pages of the catalog while looking through the screen of their smartphone, products would change color and angles to showcase all available color options and give a more thorough overview of the products. The catalog also offered fun visuals coming out of the pages, as if brought to life, like a rooster sitting on the table next to a visual for egg cups.

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