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How GRF augmented 100,000 pages of Law text

by | Nov 13, 2020 | News, Publishers

– App: GRF+ Android and iOS – Takeaway: 100,000 pages augmented and refreshed every day thanks to a fully automated PDF-ripping process, creating a new connection channel between pages and services, with an estimated 10-15% sales increase for several books in the catalog – Market segment: lawyers and accountants requiring regular update regarding law amendments – Imprints: major legal codes including elections, tax, labor, commercial law – Assets used: webview scripts connected to the national legal database

Groupe Revue Fiduciaire (GRF), a popular name in publishing comprehensive professional textbooks in Law, Business and Management, Accounting and Social sciences, recently got most of their Law texts augmented with ARGO. While GRF has always been at the forefront in adopting emerging technologies to offer the best value to their readers, getting the law textbooks augmented played out beyond expectations, kicking over sales of several GRF books by up to 15%. GRF has been in business since their inception in 1917, and the fact that they never hesitated in embracing new technologies is what makes them a leader in their market segment. But the digital invasion of the print market in the past decade has been catastrophic for many print publications globally as they struggle to remain afloat amidst a consistently shrinking market for printed books. To put things into perspective, in a time when digital dictionaries and online libraries are accessible with a simple click on any smartphone, it was becoming increasingly difficult for publishers to get their printed books out of the shelves in bookstores. But GRF did what they have been known for – staying ahead by pioneering technology adoption.  Augmenting Law Books ! At ARGO we supported GRF in augmenting over 100,000 pages of law texts. The idea was not only to connect their complete printed pages to digital but also to create value for their readers, on top of giving them an interactive and up-to-date reading experience. Turning pages, searching for legal codes, or finding details of a particular case law/precedents from a huge database in print can be a complex task for lawyers, accounting professionals, and students alike. But not anymore with the GRF+ App! We saw this as a challenge, therefore, in the process of deploying the AR technology we used web view scripts connected to the national legal database. Now, with GRF Android or iOS app, the readers can scan the book to get rich and immersive digital experience along with advanced search features allowing them to instantly search for the information they want with unmatched precision. Scan the image with GRF Android or iOS app and get to know how it opens door to a whole new digital experience that perfectly complements Print. Another major advantage of GRF’s augmented law books is that their readers can now stay updated with the latest developments and editions as GRF’s augmented books are connected to the French national legal database. The 100,000 augmented pages are refreshed every day by a fully automated PDF-ripping process. This means that the GRF’s augmented law books get regular automatic updates saving users the hassle of relying on other sources for all major and recent developments in the field of law.   With these unique advantages creating a unique value proposition for GRF law books and a new connection channel between pages and services, no wonder why they have registered an increased popularity. How we made it happen together with GRF Getting 100,000 pages of law books augmented is no doubt challenging but we took the challenge head-on. To begin with, we focused on these important key points before getting started with the entire process:

  • Performing a thorough market research including studying the user behavior
  • Identifying the issues or improvement opportunities to capitalize on and create a more value-based augmented product
  • Making the deployment robust and the Apps highly intuitive and user-friendly

The efforts paid off, eventually. For us, an increase in the sales of GRF’s augmented textbooks translates to a true compliment.

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