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SnapPress becomes ARGOplay 🚀

by | Nov 16, 2020 | Application, Brand

A new interface for your favorite Augmented Reality application
More user-friendly and up to date, our app now has an enhanced user experience. For the first time, iOS and Android cell phone and tablet users share the same browsing screens for a unified experience.

A new scanning interface, common to all mobile devices
Reviewed and optimized, the scan interface features 3 main icons at the bottom of the screen to quickly access the two main menus of the application (History / On screen) and launch the image recognition using the central button.
Once the augmented reality interactions are revealed, a simple click on the central button allows users to take a picture of the scene. A long press allows users to record a short video clip to be shared.

An optimized history
Quickly access your history via the icon on the left side of your screen to replay an augmented reality experience on a flat surface in your environment*.

* For ARKit (IOS) and ARCore (Android) phone owners only. Owners of older generation cell phones can replay 2D scenes on their phone’s screen.


For ARKit (IOS) and ARCore (Android) phone owners only. Owners of older generation cell phones can replay 2D scenes on their phone’s screen.
Discover these new features by visiting your application

SnapPress becomes ARGOplay ! 
For 4 years now, SnapPress has been accompanying you in your augmented reality campaigns with an application that is easy to use and spectacular in its rendering. 


The time has come for the ARGO Group to change its name. On October 23rd, ARGOplay will replace SnapPress in the AppStore and Google Play: as you can see, the attribute dear to SnapPress, the magnifying glass on a red background, is kept and is still at the heart of the application. 


If you have ongoing posts with the SnapPress logo on them, don’t worry – users who search for SnapPress on the blinds will be automatically redirected to ARGOplay (SnapPress). We make every effort not to disrupt ongoing campaigns. 


Your account managers are at your disposal for any question and we will come back in the next few days for more details.


Do you have a question?
Because we are aware that every new feature requires some explanation, our team is ready to answer you:


👉[email protected]

See you soon 🚀

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